shes a type of girl that makes your heart beats like drum
only one look into her eyes takes your breath away
she is the type that’ll make you spend all you got
you will sell your soul to be around her night and day
يا سلام..صعب اكون بحلم..عيني خايفة تنام..
ليفوتني احلى كلام في اللحظة دي
وقلبي..فرحتو الليلة دي..وانت هنا جمبي..
قولي ليه مخبي احساسنا بان
she’s a symphony in the way she moves
a harmony that makes your groove
gonna love it till i die ie ie ie
feeling i can’t deny
looking at her eyes i see the world in slow motion
said girl you are a pearl from the middle of the ocean
sweet melody you’ll never ever forget it
a risk you have to take and never ever regret it
she can make you fly
she can get you high
she can make you smile
in the same time make you cry

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